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iPhone, N900, Nokia+Android

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This is reply to the Ed Richardson’s post on Digital Signals: http://www.digital-constructions.com/blog/2009/11/punters-view-of-smartphone-options-is.html


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Sorry about long comment – here’s few separate topics


I can easily understand that kids and grandparents can use iPhone but I have always wondered why normal adult person would like to have such phone themselfs.

I have been teaching my mother (75 years old) to use computer and Internet. The only way to do this is to limit the choices to the minium … Still I prefer choices and possibilities myself.

N900 is not the easiest to use (I have tried it at Nokia store) because you have choices. But it is really intuitive for anyone who is familiar with computers.


I don’t think Nokia will ever make iKind of dumbboxes using Maemo – the Symbian is for that. (Nokia is little bit late with them but they will come eventually.) N900 will be “computer-like” experience. “Take your desktop with you” (I believe that Nokia will eventually add somekind of desktop sync to the Maemo).

– The potrait mode and other “sweets” are coming (http://www.umpcportal.com/2009/10/maemo-6-early…)

– If you check this video you can find out all the devices we are using in 2015 according to Nokia. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2A8fSRZ32Y) The Maemo is for these more complex (tablets etc.) devices and Symbian is for these smaller and simpler (wrist etc.) devices.


Why Nokia didn’t adopt Android?

1. Nokia published Maemo in May 2005. Android was published in November 2007.

2. Nokia doesn’t want to be Google’s pet. I can’t remember who said that Android is a looser’s platform … meaning that Android is used only by small or subpar performing companies that don’t have capabilities for developing own OS. This was underlined by Samsung with anouncement of Bada. No one wants to put their eggs in Googles (or anyone else’s) basket if they if they have other choices.


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