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Nokia vs Nintendo

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 9:16 am

This is my comment on: Damien McFerran’s “Naughty Nokia Boasts About Nintendo Games On N900



The Nintendo Emulator have been for Maemo for some time:



There are few points to consider:

1. Building an emulator is not anykind of copyright violation. I’m quite sure about this eventhough I’m not familiar with law.

2. Is changing the format of digital product illegal? The guy who have developed the emulator (link above) writes: ” I do suggest you buy the original cartridge for every image you are using, or use a copier on the cartridges you own.”

3. So if you own the game (meaning you have limited right to use the copyright) can you take backup copy / can you use your copy on another device.

4. The owners of copyright (record and game companies etc) are trying to lobby restrictions. But is it limiting too much private person’s rights? I think this is varying from country to another.

5. Can Nintendo take Nokia to the court? The video is official Nokia presentation – OK, They play games which copyright are owned by someone alse (Nintendo) – OK, Does Nokia own the games – I don’t know


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