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Maemo, Symbian and S40

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm

This is my comment on: Chris Davies’ “Nokia 2011 platform predictions: Maemo in, S40 squeezed out”


S40 looses its share because non-smartphones are losing their share.

This is why Nokia will not dump Symbian … it’s their next S40!

This is the reason why we shouldn’t expect too much from Symbian … It will always be simple and cheap alternative. Nokia uses it in devices where they can use their volumes and low price as the competive edge. This is why Nokia is releasing it as open source.

Maemo will never be that open … Nokia will keep it partly closed because in Maemo devices software is the competive edge.

In future, when components are cheap enough and there is no more new markets (like Africa, India, Oceania … today), S40 will be replaced with Symbian. Will Nokia use only two platforms? – I don’t know. I think it depends how versatile Maemo will be.


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