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Apple will never allow Flash or Java

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2010 at 8:13 am

I discussed about this popular topic in Internet and came to this idea about Apple and their plans. I don’t have such a deep knowledge that I could claim that I’m right – but hey, it’s not that important in Internet.

This is the starting point: Flash and Java are and will be no-nos in iPhone OS. They would ruin iTunes App monopoly. They would also make it possible to develope for several different mobile platforms. Apple loves the current situtiation where it has the lion share of developers mind set.

If you understand the monopoly being the reason for Apple to be against Flash and not the quality of Flash – then It becomes clear why iPad has iPhone OS. OS X is so last season because it it’s too open and free.

The Apple strategy starts to emerge and it leads me thinking that Apple will push iPhone OS up stream in their product line. Next there will be something like the original iMac, internet machine with better word processing capabilities, the form factor and concept I don’t dare to guess.

This way Apple can little by little invade homes with their closed, well working information system. They propably will also start using custom made processors. This way jailbraking would propably become obsolete.

Let’s wait and see where Apple heads. It will be interesting in every case. I’m sure.


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