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Comment to “Apple could become an iFabless company” by Mike Magee

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2010 at 9:02 pm


I’m basically repeating myself, but I wrote this comment to Make Magees post “Apple could become an iFabless company” on http://www.techeye.net

“The following is purely from my imagination and I don’t know so much about silicon and chips but anyway:

Apple have been showing signs that they are serious of building walled garden. First they had iTunes and iPod. Then developed iPhone OS and iPhone and now they have iPad using iPhone OS.

So they have pushed this idea of walled garden up stream in their product portfolio. I’m quite sure that in future they will add “new” iMac to their portfolio. I mean home office machine (iWorks, HW keyboard … more power, multitasking etc) using iPhone OS.  iPad doesn’t replace iMacs or iPhones (Steve said so).

Why iPhone OS? Because OS X is too open. I feel like Apple is building product portfolio for average families (this means also cheaper products) that all use iPhone OS. These products would be thightly integrated to iTunes and this way to content that Apple provides.

This way there could be homes and families (as there already is individuals today) who use only closed Apple products. So they would have to buy the new Apple product to replace older because all their older electric consumption (bookshelf, music library, newspaper subscriptions etc.) is tied to Apple platform.

This leads to the chips. I have read that you can run Java on iPhone – on jailbraked iPhone. This is possible because ARM processor some how supports Java. So I assume that it could be possible to liberate the content from Apple garden.

So developing own chips Apple can make sure that their programs will take all the advantage of processor. But somehow I feel that one reason is that it will close the Apple ecosystem even more.”


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