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Comment to “Apple could become an iFabless company” by Mike Magee

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I’m basically repeating myself, but I wrote this comment to Make Magees post “Apple could become an iFabless company” on http://www.techeye.net

“The following is purely from my imagination and I don’t know so much about silicon and chips but anyway:

Apple have been showing signs that they are serious of building walled garden. First they had iTunes and iPod. Then developed iPhone OS and iPhone and now they have iPad using iPhone OS.

So they have pushed this idea of walled garden up stream in their product portfolio. I’m quite sure that in future they will add “new” iMac to their portfolio. I mean home office machine (iWorks, HW keyboard … more power, multitasking etc) using iPhone OS.  iPad doesn’t replace iMacs or iPhones (Steve said so).

Why iPhone OS? Because OS X is too open. I feel like Apple is building product portfolio for average families (this means also cheaper products) that all use iPhone OS. These products would be thightly integrated to iTunes and this way to content that Apple provides.

This way there could be homes and families (as there already is individuals today) who use only closed Apple products. So they would have to buy the new Apple product to replace older because all their older electric consumption (bookshelf, music library, newspaper subscriptions etc.) is tied to Apple platform.

This leads to the chips. I have read that you can run Java on iPhone – on jailbraked iPhone. This is possible because ARM processor some how supports Java. So I assume that it could be possible to liberate the content from Apple garden.

So developing own chips Apple can make sure that their programs will take all the advantage of processor. But somehow I feel that one reason is that it will close the Apple ecosystem even more.”


Apple will never allow Flash or Java

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2010 at 8:13 am

I discussed about this popular topic in Internet and came to this idea about Apple and their plans. I don’t have such a deep knowledge that I could claim that I’m right – but hey, it’s not that important in Internet.

This is the starting point: Flash and Java are and will be no-nos in iPhone OS. They would ruin iTunes App monopoly. They would also make it possible to develope for several different mobile platforms. Apple loves the current situtiation where it has the lion share of developers mind set.

If you understand the monopoly being the reason for Apple to be against Flash and not the quality of Flash – then It becomes clear why iPad has iPhone OS. OS X is so last season because it it’s too open and free.

The Apple strategy starts to emerge and it leads me thinking that Apple will push iPhone OS up stream in their product line. Next there will be something like the original iMac, internet machine with better word processing capabilities, the form factor and concept I don’t dare to guess.

This way Apple can little by little invade homes with their closed, well working information system. They propably will also start using custom made processors. This way jailbraking would propably become obsolete.

Let’s wait and see where Apple heads. It will be interesting in every case. I’m sure.

Maemo, Symbian and S40

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm

This is my comment on: Chris Davies’ “Nokia 2011 platform predictions: Maemo in, S40 squeezed out”


S40 looses its share because non-smartphones are losing their share.

This is why Nokia will not dump Symbian … it’s their next S40!

This is the reason why we shouldn’t expect too much from Symbian … It will always be simple and cheap alternative. Nokia uses it in devices where they can use their volumes and low price as the competive edge. This is why Nokia is releasing it as open source.

Maemo will never be that open … Nokia will keep it partly closed because in Maemo devices software is the competive edge.

In future, when components are cheap enough and there is no more new markets (like Africa, India, Oceania … today), S40 will be replaced with Symbian. Will Nokia use only two platforms? – I don’t know. I think it depends how versatile Maemo will be.

Nokia vs Nintendo

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 9:16 am

This is my comment on: Damien McFerran’s “Naughty Nokia Boasts About Nintendo Games On N900



The Nintendo Emulator have been for Maemo for some time:



There are few points to consider:

1. Building an emulator is not anykind of copyright violation. I’m quite sure about this eventhough I’m not familiar with law.

2. Is changing the format of digital product illegal? The guy who have developed the emulator (link above) writes: ” I do suggest you buy the original cartridge for every image you are using, or use a copier on the cartridges you own.”

3. So if you own the game (meaning you have limited right to use the copyright) can you take backup copy / can you use your copy on another device.

4. The owners of copyright (record and game companies etc) are trying to lobby restrictions. But is it limiting too much private person’s rights? I think this is varying from country to another.

5. Can Nintendo take Nokia to the court? The video is official Nokia presentation – OK, They play games which copyright are owned by someone alse (Nintendo) – OK, Does Nokia own the games – I don’t know

iPhone, N900, Nokia+Android

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This is reply to the Ed Richardson’s post on Digital Signals: http://www.digital-constructions.com/blog/2009/11/punters-view-of-smartphone-options-is.html


8< ————————————————————–


Sorry about long comment – here’s few separate topics


I can easily understand that kids and grandparents can use iPhone but I have always wondered why normal adult person would like to have such phone themselfs.

I have been teaching my mother (75 years old) to use computer and Internet. The only way to do this is to limit the choices to the minium … Still I prefer choices and possibilities myself.

N900 is not the easiest to use (I have tried it at Nokia store) because you have choices. But it is really intuitive for anyone who is familiar with computers.


I don’t think Nokia will ever make iKind of dumbboxes using Maemo – the Symbian is for that. (Nokia is little bit late with them but they will come eventually.) N900 will be “computer-like” experience. “Take your desktop with you” (I believe that Nokia will eventually add somekind of desktop sync to the Maemo).

– The potrait mode and other “sweets” are coming (http://www.umpcportal.com/2009/10/maemo-6-early…)

– If you check this video you can find out all the devices we are using in 2015 according to Nokia. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2A8fSRZ32Y) The Maemo is for these more complex (tablets etc.) devices and Symbian is for these smaller and simpler (wrist etc.) devices.


Why Nokia didn’t adopt Android?

1. Nokia published Maemo in May 2005. Android was published in November 2007.

2. Nokia doesn’t want to be Google’s pet. I can’t remember who said that Android is a looser’s platform … meaning that Android is used only by small or subpar performing companies that don’t have capabilities for developing own OS. This was underlined by Samsung with anouncement of Bada. No one wants to put their eggs in Googles (or anyone else’s) basket if they if they have other choices.

Hello world!

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This blog will be dedicated to my bad English to posts I’ve been writing and which I will write in the blogosphere.


This means:

These are my comments to the topics in common blog discussion. Covering mostly mobile topics.


Did you understand anything?